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CAD Tool and Die was founded by Malcolm Buchanan in 1997, we are a KZN based company delivering nationwide.

We have a dynamic team in our tool room manufacturing quality moulds for both in house production and client specifications. In 2003 the need arose for us to do the injection moulding for the clients we had manufactured moulds for, and CAD Plastics was launched. We now have a large Injection moulding division to facilitate the needs of our in house tools and to manufacture plastics products for Metallising.

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Suppliers of
Metallised Plastics

In 2006 we launched our Metallising Division and we are one of the leading Companies in South Africa who specialise in Vacuum Metallising various plastic components, including coffin handles and accessories, cupboard accessories and curtaining products for the Decor industry. We also do work for the automotive industry and cosmetic products and many other clientele.

With doing our bit to save the world using recycled materials etc, we have ventured Into a project with a Customer manufacturing Rhino Money boxes to help save our Rhino's so our children’s children also have the benefit of seeing this magnificent animal.

Metallising Process:

Plastic parts can be coated with metal, a process called Metallising, for both aesthetic and mechanical purposes. Visually, a metal coated piece of plastic features increased gloss and reflectivity. Other properties, such as abrasion resistance and electric conductivity, which are not innate characteristics of plastic, are often obtained through metallisation. Metallised plastic components are used in similar applications as metal plated parts, but tend to be lower in weight and have higher corrosion resistance, although not in all cases. In addition, electrical conductivity can be controlled in metallised plastic components, and they are inexpensive to manufacture. To metallise a piece of plastic, several common methods are used the process we use is called Vacuum metallising.

Vacuum Metallising:

Before the process can begin, the plastic component is washed and coated with a base coat, so that the metal layer is smooth and uniform. Next, a metal (typically aluminum) is evaporated in a vacuum chamber. The vapour then condenses onto the surface of the substrate, leaving a thin layer of metal coating. The entire process takes place within a vacuum chamber to prevent oxidation. This deposition process is also commonly called physical vapour deposition. Depending on the component’s application, a top coat may be applied after deposition to increase properties such as abrasive resistance. Metallised plastic components that receive their coats via this process are found in a wide range of applications, from Coffin Handles and accessories, Kitchen cupboard accessories, Cosmetics and automotive interior parts.

Client Testimonials:

  • In the year 2000 at age 50 I decided to start my own business so with Vision and a plan and tons of enthusiasm and commitment I took the plunge. I knew I needed to align with suppliers who could feel my passion and commitment and would be willing to take the risk to join my journey. One of the first suppliers I approached was CAD Plastics as the commitment and support I would require was HUGE. Right from the start my ideas were enthusiastically embraced by Malcolm Buchanan and his team. We had brain storming sessions and very soon we were on the road to jointly tackle that exciting possibilities ahead. Under the leadership of Malcolm, the CAD team supported the direction our small business, starting out our garage in Cowies Hill Park, was taking. The partnership in supply flourished and from day one quick turnaround times and so called special favours were regularly entertained. We always knew that without a good quality supply line we would not have a business and CAD lead the way remaining the most outstanding supplier, light years ahead of any other, to this day. The current team of Malcolm, Nicolle, Tracey, Natasha and Darren as well as the many unsung “heroes” on the shop floor still respect our business and staff as important customers and that can be felt on each visit or contact. It would be true to say that Malcolm, Tracey, Nicolle, Natasha and Darren have become sincere friends as well as our most valued supplier. CAD deserves to grow successfully and profitably as their customer relationship culture is genuine and unique in this day and age. Malcolm Watts

  • Always a pleasure to deal With Malcolm and his team, especially Nicolle. Always courteous and their performance is on time , always. Cassim Mota

  • I'v known Malcolm for the last 16years, from day one I found him really helpful and with a lot of effort he has been able to sort out a lot of my problems. His staff have always been friendly and helpful and have always accommodated my requirements. CAD Plastics is an integral part of our company now, we rely on them and they have never let us down. I wish them all the best. Neil Maytham - Jem Cutters

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