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Casket Swing Handles?

When purchasing the Infinity, Windsor or Jefferson sets a box will accessorise 1 casket.

Wrap Around?

When purchasing the RS Sets or the Praying Hands sets, a box will accessorise 5 caskets. When buying the Windsor set, a box will accessorise 1 casket.

Solid Handles?

When purchasing the Boston sets or Rose sets a box will accessorise 7 coffins. When purchasing the Shell set a box will accessorise 15 coffins.

Coffin Swing Handles?

When purchasing any Swingbar sets a box will accessorise 10 coffins.

Basic Handles?

When purchasing a Ab set a box will accessorise 20 coffins.


Accessories will be included in any coffin or casket sets you purchase, the amount of accessories received will depend on the type of set you have purchased.

Client Testimonials

  • Malcolm Watts

    In the year 2000 at age 50 I decided to start my own business so with Vision and a plan and tons of enthusiasm and commitment I took the plunge. I knew I needed to align with suppliers who could feel my passion and commitment and would be willing to take the risk to join my journey. One of the first suppliers I approached was CAD Plastics as the commitment and support I would require was HUGE.
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  • Cassim Mota

    Always a pleasure to deal With Malcolm and his team, especially Nicolle. Always courteous and their performance is on time , always.
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  • Neil Maytham - Jem Cutters

    I'v known Malcolm for the last 16years, from day one I found him really helpful and with a lot of effort he has been able to sort out a lot of my problems. His staff have always been friendly and helpful and have always accommodated my requirements. CAD Plastics is an integral part of our company now, we rely on them and they have never let us down. I wish them all the best.
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